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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the passion to communicate

I am passionate about communication and fascinated by its power.

Communication can occur in the blink of an eye or take years to arrive. It can be a text message to a friend or a message in a bottle to a random person of the future. It could be a lover’s glance from across the room or a cold stare into the juror’s eye. Communication can bring life or be murder, save millions or start world wars. It can take many forms, choose many vessels and be infinitely arriving.
For years film was my choice on how I wanted to communicate and express myself to the world. It was of my business dealings in film that I discovered I was passionate about another aspect of communication, business communication. How people communicated in the world of business fascinated me, and frustrated me. I realized communication is slow, or at least not as fast as it should be. We spent so much time i.e. money waiting for a response, an email, a signal, a fax, or a phone call. Ever since that realization business communication has been my passion. Voice over Internet Protocol specifically is my passion; it is the future standard of business communication.
Vitatel Communications was born of this shared passion to redefine the way your business communicates. Your business has unique needs; Vitatel gives you the power to design your communications network to meet those needs and not the other way around. Communication is power, the way we communicate is vital to our success in all walks of life.